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Since when I was much, much younger, I've always dreamed of studying and living overseas. Sure, back then I was more interested in tasting the different types of food, travelling and experiencing the exciting adventures that I only saw in the movies.

I believe that many individuals, especially young people, similarly hope for opportunities to explore the outside world. It was really a pleasant surprise to be offered the opportunity to live this one dream on mine. While it is sort of a pity to give up a full-time university placing at our prestigious local university, specifically Aerospace Engineering at NTU, I am excited by the prospect of joining the Poly-goes-UAS programme.

The sponsorship opens the doors to so many opportunities for my future. First of all, I will be able to pick up a new language, German. Through this, I will be able further develop independence, be exposed to a new wonderful culture, learn engineering from the best in a great education system, get a German degree, explore Europe - all free of charge! These are some of the opportunities that thrill me because the possibilities are endless! My sponsoring company has been really generous and very helpful in the process of the whole Poly-goes-UAS programme.  I have experienced their care first-hand and I am sure that I will be well taken care of. There was a previous batch in the 2014 intake, and so far, I am impressed at the assistance rendered to them that allows them to adapt to the new environment in Germany. I am thankful Poly-goes-UAS and i can't wait to embark on this exciting journey!

Greetings! We are Jia Voon and Pun Hao and we are glad that we have been selected for Poly-goes-UAS!

Both of us will be studying Mechanical Engineering in Germany. We believe the dual studies system will allow us to work and study concurrently. This programme will give us many opportunities to apply our knowledge gained in the classroom setting to solve engineering problems in the work place.

Furthermore, we believe the exposure will help us to gain a better understanding of the cultural differences and build lasting relationships with our colleagues in the Heraeus headquarters in Germany. Since July 2015, we have been studying German in the morning and working with Heraeus in the afternoon. So far, our experience has been great! Although leaning a new language is not easy, we have been enjoying the challenge immensely!

We look forward to the start of a new learning adventure next year and we look forward to your participation in this program!

Poly-goes-UAS is an eminent sponsorship that not only allows us to go to Germany for a degree course but also provides us with the amazing opportunity intern in one of the top companies in Germany! What makes the Poly-goes-UAS programme so appealing is how the programme emphasises hands on experience. The programme equips us with the fundamental theoretical knowledge and practical experience necessary to become good engineers upon graduation. This is no doubt an exceptional programme that allows us to apply our knowledge in workforce while still enjoying the privileges of being a student and intern.

Furthermore, this sponsorship provides an excellent German learning class (Goethe-Institute) to prepare us for the challenge of studying in German. It is definitely an intensive course that condenses all the German know-how into our year of study but these challenges will surely be highly beneficial in our career path in the future.

Besides that, the programme provides an environment where we are able to socialize with other students sponsored by different prestigious companies. This leads to a great exchange in knowledge and technology while allowing us to potentially forge business partners in the future career.

We are grateful for such a valuable opportunity. Over the past few months, we have been given to opportunity to intern while taking out German language lessons. We are treated as fellow colleagues even though we are only students, and our colleagues are more than willing to lend us a helping hand in times of difficulty.

We do not fear failure because we can face the challenges together. Our colleagues indeed embody the company motto: “IFM, close to you!”

We are Shun Toll, Kuanning and Tai Ying, and we are glad that we had been selected for the Poly-goes-UAS programme. Out friend, Pang Shun Toll, was initially offered a full scholarship at a local university. However, he still chose the join Poly-goes-UAS. Here are the reasons why Poly-goes-UAS is one of the most rewarding programmes around.

Firstly, we feel that the prospect of studying with students from a myriad of top companies at a German University definitely beats a traditional degree route. The opportunity to network internationally also grants us a vital edge in the hyper-connected global industry.

Secondly, Dual Studies is a great programme because it allows all students to acquire skills and theory through alternating internships and classes, engaging first hand in a variety of job settings. Both the sponsoring company and interns benefit from identifying strengths and interests, eventually culminating in a well matched contract offer upon graduation.

Lastly, learning German is challenging; studying in German even more so. However, we didn't hesitate to join the Poly-Goes-UAS when presented with this opportunity of a lifetime! Living and studying abroad in Germany allows us to learn a new language; and exposes us to a new working and living culture.

Guten Tag! We are Jack and Pei Heng. Jack has a major in Rapid Prototyping whereas Pei Heng specialises in Equipment Design. Both of us are passionate engineers and are looking to take our career to new heights with the Poly-goes-UAS programme.

"Made in Germany" is always a recognised label associated with industry leading standards and good quality that is highly sought after. Pursuing an education in Germany is just as good as that. The German manufacturing industry has always been the epitome of cutting edge and modern technology. Established brands like BMW and Audi are all from Germany.

Therefore, there was no reason for us to not seize this opportunity to study in Germany. As the saying “one language sets you in a corridor for life. Two languages open every door along the way”. Putting the technical know-how aside, learning a new language (German) will be an added value to our already competitive edge.

Unlike ordinary academic path, we will alternate between studies at the university and internship with the company which will significantly contribute to our employment readiness by the time we graduate. We will also be given the chance to switch between different departments to hone our skills and get our hands dirty, through which we get to discover what we are best at. Getting exposure to a different culture also boosts our confidence level by narrowing the gap of cultural difference.

Thus, we will be able to get work done across different teams in a seamless and integrated way as we will be less prone to cultural misunderstandings. With a platform that aims to groom an all-rounded engineer, we both feel very fortunate and honoured to be offered such prestigious program.

Our experience has thus far been amazing. Attending German lessons in the morning and doing an internship in the afternoon keeps us occupied and engaged. Sometimes we learn to express an interesting phrase in German and sometimes we get to decode a complicated program we thought would not be otherwise possible.

Poly-goes-UAS has opened new doors for us. We not get to earn a highly regarded engineering degree, but we also the chance to work for an established company and learn and new language!

So what are you waiting for? Turn in your application now!

Hi I am Joey, and I would say I am an adventurous person.

I am glad that I have been selected for the Poly-goes-UAS programme. What a wonderful opportunity! I am sponsored for a year of German Language Course in Goethe Institute Singapore I have a special internship program at the company. Therefore, I can focus in learning German without having to worry about my living expenses!

My motivation for applying this program is that I would have the opportunity to learn a new language, to study abroad in a new country, and immerse myself in the most technologically advanced country to effectively contribute towards the company's goals.

The German language was a little challenging at first but it is definitely fun! My German colleagues and friends like to make fun of my pronunciation when I try to converse with them in German. But this is exactly how I find out my mistakes. They have been really kind all the time and have offered to help me in every way they can.


I enjoy problem solving and challenges. I also believe in life-long learning and that as long as one is willing to work hard, nothing is impossible. I did not do well in Physics and Additional Mathematics in secondary school, so I had to work very hard in Nanyang Polytechnic to rebuild my foundation in Physics. Along the way, I developed a passion for engineering.

I chose the Poly-goes-UAS programme over studying in a local university as in this increasingly globalized world, I believe that it is essential to be exposed to diverse cultures and have the experience of working with people from all over the world.

I am grateful to be given this opportunity by Mann+Hummel, particularly as their products are aligned with my interests in Environmental & Biomedical engineering.


As Lee Kuan Yew once said, “Follow the rainbow, go ride it”. I will work hard to follow my dreams.


Hi, I’m Wei Jie and I am part of the first batch of Poly-Goes-UAS graduates that just completed 4 years of work and study in Germany. I’m now working in Pepperl + Fuchs as a Supply Planning Specialist.

Looking back, my time spent in Germany has been an unforgettable one, during which I learnt to live independently and be exposed to the German education system and work culture.

Notably, while in Germany, Pepperl + Fuchs gave me opportunities to be involved in projects related to key engineering processes such as mechanical design and material flow mapping. These experiences have allowed me to appreciate the company’s business and focus on ‘German’ engineering excellence.

The Poly-Goes-UAS programme has been a wonderful journey for me, and I hope to be able to leverage and apply my experiences to my current role in Singapore.